Volunteer Lansing

A directory of organizations needing volunteers in the greater Lansing area

Some organizations only post volunteer opportunities on their social media pages. If you find an organization that you would like to be involved with but can't find information on how to volunteer, try reaching out to them directly.

One Love Global
Helping people across generations learn about and practice Racial Equity in their lives, work, and communities
Allen Neighborhood Center
Programs in health education and outreach, housing improvement, food security and nutrition education, youth development, commercial corridor revitalization, and social capital building
Greater Lansing Foodbank
Partner to alleviate hunger one meal at a time, to create a future where everyone has access to nourishing food
Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity Capital Region's mission is to build strength, stability, self-reliance, and shelter
Lansing Common FC
Lifting up and supporting the Lansing community
Hannah's House
Providing shelter and support for expectant mothers
Punks with Lunch
Building a more compassionate society, one sack lunch at a time
Women's Center
Provides support services to women in the Lansing area
City Rescue Mission
Volunteers of America
Lansing Earth Project
City of East Lansing

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